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Spring Conference 2019
Spring Conference 2019
Spring Conference 2019

Association of Administrators of English Schools of Quebec


The AAESQ offices are now open again with both Debbie Quain and Liana Navrozidis being ready to answer your inquiries and direct them to either me or Michael Stirrup. Although we will not be holding any group meetings at our office until later in the year, we continue to hold regular meetings of the Executive and Board of Directors using the Zoom platform.

Michael has agreed to stay on with us in his role as Executive Assistant until Christmas, giving the Executive time to evaluate the situation and make suggestions as to how we deliver the services of our Association in the best way to meet your needs.

In this uncertain time, as we move forward in the reopening of schools and centres as well as the increased demand for support from Board administrators, you are all being called upon to be ready to change direction at a moment’s notice and to manage the stresses of your staff, your community and yourselves. We encourage you to take time for yourself to relax and recuperate since this situation is expected to continue for some time to come – the new normal!!

We encourage you all to reach out to your local association and/or to us if ever you need support. You can reach us at the office or on my cell phone 514-917-7103 or Michael’s cell phone 514- 898-6703.

Jan Langelier, Executive Director

Bureau de l'AAESQ OUVERT

Les bureaux de l'AAESQ sont de nouveau ouverts, Debbie Quain et Liana Navrozidis étant prêtes à répondre à vos demandes et à les diriger vers moi ou Michael Stirrup. Bien que nous ne tiendrons aucune réunion de groupe dans nos bureaux jusqu'à la fin de l'année, nous continuons à tenir des réunions régulières de l’ exécutif et du conseil d'administration en utilisant la plate-forme Zoom.

Michael a accepté de rester avec nous dans son rôle d'adjoint exécutif jusqu'à Noël, donnant à l'exécutif le temps d'évaluer la situation et de faire des suggestions sur la façon dont nous fournissons les services de notre Association de la meilleure façon pour répondre à vos besoins.

En cette période incertaine, alors que nous avançons dans la réouverture des écoles et des centres ainsi que la demande croissante de soutien de la part des administrateurs des commissions scolaires, vous êtes tous appelés à être prêts à changer de direction à tout moment et à gérer le stress de votre personnel, votre communauté et vous-mêmes. Nous vous encourageons à prendre le temps de vous détendre et de récupérer, car cette situation devrait se poursuivre pendant un certain temps - la nouvelle normalité !!

Nous vous encourageons tous à contacter votre association locale et / ou à nous si jamais vous avez besoin de soutien. Vous pouvez nous joindre au bureau ou sur mon téléphone cellulaire 514-917-7103 ou sur le téléphone cellulaire de Michael 514- 898-6703. 


AAESQ is a provincial organization representing 475 school/centre and board level administrators across the Province of Quebec working for Anglophone school boards. We also represent over 200 retired administrators. The purpose of the website is to provide up-to-date information about the association. We hope that you will find the information relevant and interesting. If you have any suggestions, comments or observations, we would be pleased to hear from you.

AAESQ Mission

AAESQ is a professional association representing school, centre and board level administrators of English Schools of Quebec dedicated to servicing its members and to promoting excellence in administrative leadership in public education.

AAESQ's purpose is to:

  1. To promote excellence in education
  2. to advance the professional status of educational administrators and secure their recognition as a vital and distinctive component of the educational system;
  3. to establish and maintain the principle that persons engaged in education administration have adequate qualifications and training;
  4. to promote a high standard of professional ethics among educational administrators;
  5. to promote growth of leadership in educational institutions.